How to take flax seeds for weight loss

Long since flax seeds are known as a means for effective and fast cleansing of the body. In the 20th century, nutritionists tell how to take flax seed for weight loss.

Instructions for use of flax seeds for weight loss

In order to lose weight, it is recommended to take roughly chopped flax seed with a large amount of water. One tablespoon per day and in a month you can reduce the weight by two kilograms. Flaxseed is used in ground form, both independently and as a decoction or food supplement.

In any form, flax seeds will help in the fight against extra pounds, clean the intestines and will help to improve the body. However, the desired result is possible only with systematic use.

The easiest way to eat flax seeds is to add to the usual dishes. They will enrich the taste of your favorite vegetable and fruit dishes, cereals, dairy products. They will be an excellent additive in baking: pies, pancakes, waffles, pancakes. The minimum daily dose is 5 grams or one teaspoon. For effective treatment can be increased to 50 grams per day.

Flax seeds for bowel cleansing

Among the many beneficial properties of flaxseeds, a special place is occupied by the reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar, the normalization of the liver, brain, improved vision. Regular use of the product strengthens the immune system of the body, improves the condition of the skin and prolongs youth.

An important property is bowel cleansing, which is worth dwelling on. Flaxseed helps to cleanse the body due to the laxative effect and due to the fact that it is an effective sorbent. Being in the gastrointestinal tract, it absorbs toxic substances. Moving along the intestines, the swollen mass cleans the intestinal walls from the feces and toxins. After the cleaning procedure, the villi of the intestinal cavity are released, become mobile and perform the function of promoting food better.

Flax seeds help fight worms, fungi and some types of viruses. Due to its anti-inflammatory, enveloping properties, it promotes the healing of wounds and ulcers present on the intestinal wall and stomach, and protects the mucous membrane of these organs from the harmful effects.

The easiest way to clean the intestines is to use one spoonful of seeds twice a day, both independently and by adding to salads and cereals. This method is effective, but it is more efficient to use chopped flaxseed. It is possible to grind them with a mortar or coffee grinder. This flour take two tablespoons every morning. To achieve swelling, the powder is washed down with copious amounts of water.

Flax Seed Slimming Recipes

There are many recipes for weight loss on the basis of flax seeds. Consider the most simple and accessible to everyone.

  1. Fill with 1 tbsp. spoonful of seeds 2 cups of boiling water and insist in a thermos for 8 hours. It is better to leave to insist on the night. The second method of cooking faster: 1 tbsp. spoon pour a glass of boiling water and cook over low heat for half an hour, stirring occasionally. The resulting remedy is used 100 grams three times a day half an hour before meals.
  2. From berries and flax seeds cook sparse kissel. Cool and let it brew until the flaxseeds swell and a jelly-like mass is obtained. The recipe will satisfy hunger and detoxify the body.

Means prepared according to these recipes are excellent helpers in the fight against unwanted weight, but you should not expect a wonderful effect instantly. Flaxseed will help start the process of losing weight and overall healing of the body. However, drastic weight loss is not desirable, as it is very stressful for the body.

Flax seeds for weight loss with kefir

The combination of flaxseed and kefir is one of the most useful ways to cleanse the intestines. In addition to the above remarkable properties, the bacteria contained in kefir, which are necessary for the intestinal function, are added. Clearing the intestines, you not only get rid of toxins and fecal stones, but also fight against parasites and fungi, since this composition has anthelmintic and antifungal properties. Consider two recipes for the use of kefir with flaxseed for cleaning the intestines.

  1. The course of treatment is three weeks. In the first week, instead of breakfast, a mixture consisting of 1 tsp is consumed. seeds, crushed in a coffee grinder and 100 grams of kefir. During the second week, 2 tsp is added to 100 grams of kefir. seeds, and during the third - 3 tsp. respectively.
  2. The second course is designed for four weeks. First week: 100 grams of kefir and 15 grams of chopped flax seeds are mixed. Second week: 30 grams of powdered seeds are added to the same 100 grams of kefir. Third week: proportions increase to 150 grams of kefir and 45 grams of ground seeds. The same dosage remains for the final seven days.

Regardless of which course of purification you choose, several rules should be followed:

  • For best effect, the course should not be less than ten days.
  • After a course of purification, a ten-day break is necessary, after which, if necessary, the course is repeated.
  • During cleansing, food should be exceptionally healthy and healthy, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, dairy products, fish. You should exclude the use of alcohol, flour products, sweets (you can add honey). During cleaning it is necessary to drink plenty of water.
  • The first positive results will be noticeable by the end of the first week of the procedures, but the chosen course must be fully completed.

Contraindications diet with flax seeds

Flaxseed has a mass of beneficial properties, but the diet has a number of contraindications. These include diseases:

  • diabetes;
  • acute intestinal diseases;
  • hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver;
  • volvulus;
  • inflammation of the cornea;
  • period of inflammation of chronic cholecystitis.

It is necessary to distinguish between contraindications to the use of flaxseed oil, which include: irritable bowel syndrome, cholelithiasis, diseases of the cardiovascular system, ulcerative colitis, pancreatitis. A decoction of seeds in these cases is not only not contraindicated, but also useful.

If you use flax seeds, following the recommendations of doctors and taking into account contraindications, you will be able to feel the benefits to the full. The main thing to remember is the golden rule: do not replace the use of seeds for a healthy diet. Seeds should serve as an additive for a full, balanced diet.

It is possible to take flax seeds in the composition of dishes and drinks even after reaching the desired goal. This will help keep the result of the work done - to keep the weight. Diet will help to cleanse and improve the health of the body, improve overall health and mood.

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